Ep 1: Sarah Blakely & Joy Mangano hustle into BILLIONS

In the first episode, Jess and Kris talk about the podcast, and how excited they are to get to chat about one of their favorite topics CRAZY MONEY MAKING STORIES!

Jess & Kris talk about how they met working at CBS Radio, and how they’d sneak away at 3pm to escape their cubicles and dream of a better life… a life of riches! lolz.

Kristin shares the wild success story of Joy Mangano, who pulled herself up from struggling, broke, single mom… to the Queen of the Miracle Mop and QVC…and later HSN.

Jess tells us how Sarah Blakely bombed the LSAT, but later came up with the idea of Spanx, invested $5000, and became one of the youngest, self-made, billionaire women EVER!

Mentioned in the ep:
Kristin’s Live Event: http://SpeakServeGrow.com/rise
Jessica’s Amazing Lashes: http://glamgirlmascara.com