E8: The Shark Tank Hustle of Tipsy Elves & The Sleep Styler

While this week's theme is Shark Tank, it's also accidentally about Lawyers & Doctors, who's "side hustle" went hog wild on success!

Jess shares the amazing (and adorable) HUGE success story of a dentist (Nicklaus Morton) and a lawyer (Evan Mendelsohn), who both loved a good theme party.

Enter Tipsy Elves the place to get funny, ugly, holiday sweaters. When they teamed up with Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec, business ba-ba-ba-BOOMED!

Find out how they expanded and how much their grew their silly side biz into a mega multi-million dollar success.

Next, Kris shares the story of the Sleep Styler and it's Founder Tara Brown, an ophthalmologist from San Diego. Kris crossed paths with Tara when they both recently spoke at Broadcast Your Authority in San Diego. 

Find out how Tara got noticed by Shark Tank, and how after only 20 minutes in the tank (some people spend hours) she left with the deal of her dreams (teaming up with QVC Queen Lori Greiner, and turned her cute little curler business... into 100 million dollar dream within a year.