E7: Molly Bloom's Hollywood Poker Party & Frank Lefty Rosenthal & the real Casino

This week, Kristin is deliriously tired after running the 3-day Rise Event in Portland and Jess finds out she's got shingles! Yeowch!

First we hear the story of Molly Bloom's infamous & elite Hollywood poker party which made her millions. Around the table sit Toby Maquire (who you'll come to hate if we have anything to say about it), Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and the like. But Toby eventually causes Molly to lose everything, and her life spirals out of control with disastrous consequences when she moves her game to New York City.

Then Jess gives us the real life story behind Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal & the famous movie Casino, which we find out was no exaggeration. The murder went up 70%, someone was skimming money off the top, and when Anthony the Ant has an affair with Rosenthal's wife (played by Sharon Stone in the movie Casino) more than one person ends up dead.

Oh, and a car blows up. Just listen in!