E6: Gene Simmons & Jimmy Buffett Hustling Bands Into Billions Dollar Brands

Jess is back from being on the run from the hurricaneKristin is stressed to the max with her  3-day Rise Live Event happening. 

But sweet relief comes when they dive into this week's ep which is pure FUN (and BILLIONS) in form of KISS Founder Gene Simmons & King of the Parrot Heads Jimmy Buffett! 

Gene has several top selling books, and created band that he could turn into a success brand, which is exactly what he did. From the face paint to thousands of licensing deals, a KISS VISA, books, speaking gigs and more!

Meanwhile in Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett is too busy to enjoy a cocktail because he's managing over 5000 employees! He's built a brand that offers a lifestyle and an escape from the grind of the 9 to 5. He offers fans music, blenders, restaurants, and even retirement!

So put on your platform boots, pour yourself a margarita, and listen in!