E5: Ponzi Hustles: SheFraudster Sarah Howe & Double Crossing Inside the Billionaire Boys Club

Jess is on the run from a hurricane on the East Coast, and Kristin shares the story of white people calling the cops on whales. "Stupid whales!"

In episode 5: Ponzi Hustles, Jess shares the story of Feminist she-fraudster Sarah Howe who gave women the opportunity to invest when other’s wouldn’t, then played on women's charitable tendencies and took them for all their worth. Doh!

Then Kris shares the story of double-crossing in the very 1980’s Billionaire Boys Club (now a movie starring Ansel Elgort & Kevin Spacey), which may or may not end in murder. And tells the tale of the time she met Keven Spacey at Formosa Cafe in Hollywood.

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