E4: Social Media Influencers Hustling to Mega-Millions: Make Up Guru Jeffree Star & Australian Fitness App Creator Kayla Itsines

Jess' son is is nailing his football knowledge while Kristin ruins date night with Chris by sobbing her way through A Star Is Born.

This week Kristin shares the story of the rise of the outrageous,  gorgeous, and androgynous make-up guru Jeffree Starr. From his start as one of the popular (and polarizing) people on MySpace to the creation of a top You Tube Channel with over 10 million fans.

And Jess uncovers an Australian fitness guru who accidentally creates a multi million dollar app-- all in the spirit of helping more people. Kayla Itsines is more girl next door than guru, and her desire to expand her reach kicked into high gear with over a million monthly users on her SWEAT app.